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Professional live entertainment, without the risk.

The right live entertainment connects with your audience and creates an atmosphere they won’t forget. That’s why we’ve partnered with professional performers who understand the important role their music plays in shaping your event’s success, and who have the experience to deliver incredible performances that get your event talked about for all the right reasons.


80SX cover band

Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward mc

Adelaide Carleton

Adelaide Carleton dj


Albi solo artist

Andy Keys

Andy Keys solo artist

Anika Moa

Anika Moa original artist

Arii Jade

Arii Jade dj

Becks and Michael

Becks and Michael duo artist

Big Ticket

Big Ticket cover band

Boogie Monsta

Boogie Monsta cover band

Brooke Howard Smith

Brooke Howard Smith mc


BSA cover band

Caitlin Joy

Caitlin Joy solo artist

Callum Passels

Callum Passels solo artist

Che Fu

Che Fu original artist

Chris Melville

Chris Melville solo artist

David Four

David Four solo artist

David Haslett

David Haslett solo artist

Deryn Trainer

Deryn Trainer solo artist

Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson dj

DJ Kamotion

DJ Kamotion dj

DJ Ronni

DJ Ronni dj

Dominic Bowden

Dominic Bowden mc

Ed Gaiger

Ed Gaiger solo artist

Erika Amoore

Erika Amoore dj

Fare Thee Well

Fare Thee Well duo artist

Fifth Element

Fifth Element cover band


Foley original artist

General Lee

General Lee dj


Gerry solo artist

Golden Kiwis

Golden Kiwis cover bandoriginal artist

Grant Marshall

Grant Marshall dj


Halo cover band

Hands Off

Hands Off cover bandtrio artist

Havana Brown

Havana Brown dj


Hipstamatics cover band

Hollie Smith

Hollie Smith original artist

Howard Dobson

Howard Dobson mc

Jamie and Chet

Jamie and Chet duo artist

Jason Hunter

Jason Hunter dj

Jason Kerrison

Jason Kerrison original artist

Jasper and Jane

Jasper and Jane duo artist

Joanne Slagel

Joanne Slagel solo artist

Jon Toogood

Jon Toogood original artist

Josh Leys

Josh Leys solo artist

K One

K One original artist

Karn Hall

Karn Hall dj

Kim Crossman

Kim Crossman mc


Kings original artist

La Isla Flamenca

La Isla Flamenca duo artist

Laughton Kora

Laughton Kora original artist

Lee Gray

Lee Gray solo artist

Leea & Brayden

Leea & Brayden duo artist

Leys and Keys

Leys and Keys duo artist

Lights at Night

Lights at Night duo artist

Lime Pie

Lime Pie duo artist

Lisa Jayne

Lisa Jayne solo artist

Magnificent 7

Magnificent 7 cover band

Mal Lakatani

Mal Lakatani solo artist

Mandy Pickering

Mandy Pickering solo artist

Manoah Pickering

Manoah Pickering solo artist

Mariachi Band

Mariachi Band trio artist

Marika Balzat

Marika Balzat solo artist

Marina Katerina

Marina Katerina dj

Marjorie Sinclair

Marjorie Sinclair dj

Mark Hadlow

Mark Hadlow mc

Martine Harding

Martine Harding solo artist

Matt Bizzle

Matt Bizzle solo artist

Max Key

Max Key dj

McCallum & McCallum

McCallum & McCallum duo artist


Melicious dj

Michael Murray

Michael Murray solo artist


Mojo cover band


Moses original artistsolo artist

Mr Men

Mr Men cover band

Nathan King

Nathan King original artist


Ngahi mc

Off The Wall

Off The Wall cover band


Page28 duo artist

Pixie Lane

Pixie Lane dj

Purr Zazz

Purr Zazz trio artist

Rebecca Bilyard

Rebecca Bilyard solo artist

Reuben Simpson

Reuben Simpson solo artist


Rhapsody cover band

Ricky de Medeiros

Ricky de Medeiros duo artistsolo artisttrio artist

Sam & Loris

Sam & Loris duo artist

Sam Allen

Sam Allen cover bandoriginal artist

Sam Jones

Sam Jones dj

Sandy Lynch

Sandy Lynch solo artist

Sons of Zion

Sons of Zion original artist

Sophia Winton

Sophia Winton solo artist

Sound Central

Sound Central cover band

Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation cover band

Stephen James

Stephen James solo artist

Stevie Tonks

Stevie Tonks solo artist

Taye Williams

Taye Williams original artist

Tayla Alexander

Tayla Alexander solo artist

That 90s Band

That 90s Band cover band

The Boulevard

The Boulevard duo artist

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood cover band