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Taye Williams

original artist

In 2013 Taye Williams became a household name having made the Top 12 of the first season of The X Factor New Zealand. ̋

Since season 1 ended Taye has released 5 Singles 2 of which he has collaborated with NZ heavy weight Hip Hop Group Smashproof. ̋ His first single “Now or Never” debuted at Number 11 on the NZ Top Singles Chart earlier in 2014. ̋Now or Never stories a person faced with 2 life choices, choosing either has a positive impact on their life ̋He released his second offering in October 2014 “Ready To Love” and is based on a time when Taye was interested in being a Casanova instead of concentrating on his school work. ̋ Both Singles having been included on the NZ On Air Kiwi Hit Disc 169 and 174 which is distributed to all radios stations across Aotearoa ̋

Recently he released a cover of Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up” as a part of a Non-partisan group – “Tutahi” to engage our 18-24 voters to make a choice in the 2014 New Zealand General Election. ̋ Taye is working on completing his debut EP for release in early 2016 and, he is working with the likes of other NZ artists to complete other projects. ̋

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