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Professional live entertainment, without the risk.

The right live entertainment connects with your audience and creates an atmosphere they won’t forget. That’s why we’ve partnered with professional performers who understand the important role their music plays in shaping your event’s success, and who have the experience to deliver incredible performances that get your event talked about for all the right reasons.


80SX cover band

Big Ticket

Big Ticket cover band

Boogie Monsta

Boogie Monsta cover band


BSA cover band

Fifth Element

Fifth Element cover band

Golden Kiwis

Golden Kiwis cover bandoriginal artist


Halo cover band

Hands Off

Hands Off cover bandtrio artist


Hipstamatics cover band

Magnificent 7

Magnificent 7 cover band


Mojo cover band

Mr Men

Mr Men cover band

Off The Wall

Off The Wall cover band


Rhapsody cover band

Sam Allen

Sam Allen cover bandoriginal artist

Sound Central

Sound Central cover band

Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation cover band

That 90s Band

That 90s Band cover band

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood cover band

The Love Doctors

The Love Doctors cover band

The Noodles

The Noodles cover band

The Red Velvet Seat

The Red Velvet Seat cover bandduo artisttrio artist

The Satisfactions

The Satisfactions cover band

Two Many Chiefs

Two Many Chiefs cover band

Union Band

Union Band cover band

Urban Ersha

Urban Ersha cover band

White Chapel Jak

White Chapel Jak cover band

Yeah Nah Nah's

Yeah Nah Nah's cover band