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Sam Allen

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Tip-toeing the line between charmingly playful and painfully insightful, Sam Allen is a shining singer songwriter based in central Auckland.

Having attained a BA in Music at Auckland University, Sam has been a live performer around Auckland for the past three years. His live performances can flow from melancholy acoustic to upbeat soul, and with energetic vocals and rhythmic guitar playing, he’s an act you don’t want to miss.

Sam also carries an array of original songs in which he writes through his observations of others as most great songwriters do. Writing from the heart his unique acoustic pop/rock flavour remains true to the “kiwi” singer songwriter tradition. Sam’s live performances also echoes a deep promise of potential; any true fan of the acoustic genre should sample Sam’s melodies, and witness his performances, as Sam Allen will no doubt follow in the singer songwriter footsteps of our very best.


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