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Mal Lakatani

solo artist

The fusing of different genres and even languages has consistently proved to be a winning formula for exciting new music, and NZ born Niuean musician Malcolm Lakatani is one such local musician, whose songs reminiscent of ebbing waves on the Niue shoreline are making even bigger waves in our local music industry.

Initiated into his fathers band at the tender age of 7, Malcolm’s all round skills quickly expanded to include guitars, keyboards and drums, creating the foundation on which he would build his career.  With this solid musical grounding in early live band work as well as cultural grounding in his treasured Niuean culture; Malcolm has never looked back since.

With his innovative fusion of guitar textures and modern R’n’B beats providing the EP’s funky soundbed on which he delivers his trademark soulful vocals, his uplifting originals sit comfortably alongside contemporary interpretations of his family Niuean classics.

Malcolm regularly performs alongside other established musicians and live music professionals, and his current additional roles as lead guitarist for Che Fu & the Kratez, aQstik Soul, After Hours and Anonymouz further testify to the high esteem in which Malcolm’s skills are held in the music industry and Education.

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