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Magnificent 7

cover band

Taking their name from the classic Western movie of the same name, the legendary members in The Magnificent Seven come from similarly disparate backgrounds as the stars of that stunning piece of cinema. This amazing musical ensemble share a reason for being much like those guns-for-hire in that 1960’s classic: all experts in their own right, they have come together from far and wide to combine as a fearless, fabulous unit. 

The Magnificent Seven is founded upon three musical icons, Peter Urlich, Jordan Luck and Eddie Rayner. Having fronted or been key members with their previous bands – Th’ Dudes, The Exponents, and Split Enz respectively, they bring the legacy and love of those groups back to the stage and with it, a basket of iconic Kiwi songs to delight audiences around the country.

Arguably two of the best frontmen in NZ, Jordan and Peter deliver one big song after another with all the verve, skill and energy those songs deserve. And providing the star dust and terrific keyboard trills is Eddie Rayner, a true maestro, responsible for many of the Enz’s most memorable riffs.

Their cohorts include the dynamic bass player Dave Gent, an Exponent himself whose intro to “Why does Love” has stopped a few hearts and started a few parties in its time; while Bryan Bell and Brett Adams wheel twin guitars with a fury and fervour that these legendary songs require. Bryan, of Dead Flowers infamy has long been a Jordan Luck stage and songwriting partner; Brett Adams is one half of The Bads, and has contributed to many film, TV and musical tracks over the past decades that have embedded him in NZ music lore. Rhythmic powerhouse Patrick Kuhtze on the drum stool has as many credits to his name as Brett, and recognised as one of NZ’s leading stickmen.

With so many road miles under their collective boots, the Magnificent Seven are slick and shiny as a well-oiled machine but they truly love playing together and as anyone lucky enough to have seen them live, their energy is infectious. This remarkable gang of  Kiwi legends plays from a set list that has more top ten hits than is frankly decent.

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