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La Isla Flamenca

duo artist

Turn the heat up with dazzling chops and beats from Flamenco guitarist Ian Sinclair and Latin Jazz percussionist Steve Cournane.

Isla Flamenca debuted in July 2018. In a very short time the band has become something totally different in the Auckland music scene:  an instrumental group with strong traditional Flamenco roots. They play everything from simple dances like Sevillanas and Rumba to important Flamenco forms like Alegrias and Bulerias. Their sound is traditional Flamenco but with a modern rhythmical tinge that borrows from Jazz and Cuban music.

Ian Sinclair has spent a lifetime studying this highly rhythmical Spanish music. He is a pupil and friend of flamenco maestro Juan del Gastor of Seville. He has written most of the instrumental music for Isla Flamenca. Recently he dropped his role as a TV reporter to tour New Zealand with the Spanish troupe of Isabel Rivera Cuenca.

Steve Cournane is a drummer/composer who began playing in Flying Nun bands in 1984. He won a Tui with CLBOB for NZ Jazz album of the year in 2002. In 2007 he moved to Lima, Peru, where he lived as a musician and studied the traditional Afro-criollo cajon for seven years. This eventually led him to Flamenco music with Ian.

Make Isla Flamenca the perfect sound track for your event from intimate house concerts, to full concerts, parties or corporate shows.

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