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Josh Leys

solo artist

Josh Leys is an all round entertainer. Whether he’s human beat- boxing, rapping, or looping up a storm with his one man band Josh has it down pat with his landscape of sound, all instrumental live experience. Josh recently dropped his single Bye Bye Baby, which had great radio and TV success with his killer Quantum Leap inspired music video.

Not wasting any time, he’s come back a few months later with his latest club banger “Hold On To Your Love” reaching nearly 12,000 views on YouTube in its first 14 hours and climbing.

With its love theme, the video speaks for itself inspired by the first kiss viral video but instead of strangers using mostly real couples to capture that real love aspect. Josh is a busy man, like James brown, one of the hardest working men in show biz. Rocking 5-6 shows a week in peak season from Auckland to Singapore. And yes, he probably sang at your mates 21st or your sisters wedding. Josh recently signed a solo record deal in Holland after a successful tour around The Netherlands as part of the Baby Sitters Circus. With his single “Stuck In The Middle” introducing Josh to the European market and quickly following up with Bye Bye Baby to be released in Europe very soon. It is impossible to put Josh in a box with his love of hip-hop, Pop, RnB and Dance.


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